Monday, April 14, 2008

Proprioceptors, Cutaneous Receptors, & Pain Receptors

Introduction: Here are some more specific receptors that can be found in the body. They include identifying where one is positioned, all of the different feelings that come from the skin, and pain.


Here is a picture from


~Mechanoreceptors that gives body position

~Allows one to touch their nose with eyes shut

Cutaneous Receptors:

Yes, this is a picture of the skin, but that is because cutaneous receptors are in the skin. This picture was found at


~Receptors of the skin

~Dermis layer of the skin contains the cutaneous receptors, making the skin

sensitive to touch, pressure, pain, and temperature

Pain Receptors:

Last but not least are the pain receptors (located in the skin). This picture is from

*Pain Receptors

~Also called nociceptors

~Sensitive to chemicals released by damaged tissue

~Referred pain: stimulation of internal pain receptors is felt as skin pain as well as

internal organs

Conclusion: That concludes a deeper look at some of the receptors in our body. Next up, for the next few, we will be taking a look at the different senses we experience. These are sometimes known as "the five senses." We will not be discussion touch though.


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